Sunday, April 15, 2007


We went to the library and found the book, My World of Science: Solids, Liquids and Gases, by Angela Royston.

Mentos are a candy that is a solid. A solid is something that you can feel that has a shape. The shape of a Mento is a circle. Solids usually are hard or soft. A Mento is something that is hard because it doesn't when you press it. Solids are rough or smooth. A Mento is smooth because it does not have bumps.

Sodas are liquids because when you pour them into a cup, they change their shape to match the cup. If you pour them they will not become heaps or piles. Sodas are thin because they pour fast.

Soda has bubbles inside it. They're gas bubbles. Those gas bubbles are CO2 gases. We cannot see it. We cannot feel it. We can smell it.

We went to the Internet because we were looking for research about exploding soda.

We went to Wikipedia and learned that Steve Spangler exploded soda before everybody else. Mythbusters are cool because they exploded the soda so big. It was 34 feet tall. They did it on TV. I saw them do it 34 feet tall.

We also learned that it can explode because the candy makes the bubbles turn into gas.

I saw a man get sick because he put Mentos in his mouth and he drunk on Diet Coke. You should not that because you'll get sick.

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